11. September 2013

September 11 - A tribute by Rebel Diaz

September 11 - a day not only to commemorate the attacks on the world trade center but also the coup d'état against the democratically elected socialist government lead by Salvador Allende. I would like to do this with two songs by Rebel Diaz: "Broken Hands Play Guitars" honoring Viktor Jara and "No Los Dejare" (live performance).

Victor Jara was one of the leaders of the Nueva Canción (spanish for ‘New Song’) movement – a movement based around “socially committed” music; music that takes a clear stand for freedom, against poverty, against imperialism and against human rights abuses. Nueva Canción gave voice to the millions of peasants, workers and indigenous peoples of Latin America who were being crushed under the weight of US economic and political dominance. Read more.

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