22. März 2007

Pictures of the sea, sunsets and the army

View from the NT Library on the sea

Sunset seen from my hostel

Sunset seen from my hostel

Sunset seen from the beach near the Arts Museum

Two pictures of a recruiting poster in Darwin

Text should be quite easy to read

Every soldier an expert in close combat
Every soldier a leader
Every soldier physically tough
Every soldier mentally prepared
Every day an opportunity to learn
Every an opportunity for courage
Every an opportunity for initiative
Every challenge an opportunity for teamwork

The last two pics from the army recruitment center shows the srong military influence on Darwin that is the leading military base of Australia since WWII (2nd World War). When I arrived at the airport and got a tourist brochure the first "sightseeing tip" was about all the war monuments in Darwin. For me as a pacifist it was quite shocking that the army is shown in such a positive light. And I knew nothing about Darwin's military character and history. Now I'm better informed...
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