27. August 2010

Barn Owl: The Roman Empire Never Ended

I would like to share some great and powerful music by the band Barn Owl from Ontario, Canada, whose members are inspired by religious AND anarchist (sic!) ideas. I met the singer and song writer Jared back in 2008 and was so lucky to see him and some of his friends this summer in Toronto during the anti G8/G20 protests. Jared, your band rocks and I hope to see you again soon!

I copied the album information below from http://barnowl.bandcamp.com/ where you can listen to the whole opus and buy it for only five bucks to support the band. Click on the songs on bandcamp for more information and the lyrics.
If you are in Toronto, you can see them live this weekend. Otherwise you can check out their myspace and follow them on twitter. And if you are interested in their ideas and their activities, go here.

Rooted in the experience of communities detained in the Toronto 1090, the album dialectically compares Philip K Dick's summation with the ongoing police repression of human rights and freedoms. In a massive shift from their folk ballad beginnings, Jared Both barks about Roman history straight from Tacticus and St. Augustine while imitating F*cked Up's Pink Eye with a harder, faster band. The post-hardcore songs are amped even further by Glenn Gould grad Sebastian Ostertag's epic orchestral arrangements. Recorded and produced by Dead Medium in Neil's old bedroom at the Duspa during Pat Piper's six free albums in one year blitz (10,000 Creatures, Sick Error, Graham Cavalier, Falling Trees, & Danger Danger!). Finally mixed by Jon Marck with editing credits in two documentaries, “Return to El Salvador” and “Ordinary Radicals”.

Check out the album!

And here is the video to the song Philip K. Dick's Nightmare. Enjoy!


Jed beans hat gesagt…

much appreciation for the shout out! Send me your mailing address and we'll send you a copy of the Beanzine, our first ever publication. Featuring yours truly on the front cover walking down Toronto's besieged streets during the G20. More to come soon.

We played to crowded bedroom this weekend and most excited to announce a final appearance with Defiance Ohio Sept 16th in toronto! Defiance Ohio are one of my all time favourite bands and they are touring to Montreal so check them out, they also have a new alubm.

Matthias hat gesagt…

I'm glad I posted it, even though it took me a while to find the time to do it.
I am back in Germany, so I will miss the concert but I will check out the band.
Sending the Beanzine to Germany would be quite expensive I imagine. Do you have a digital version?
Hope to see you soon!

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