12. August 2010

Rick Fury - Full Belt

Regular readers might know that I like English Hip Hop, especially tunes from the North East of England around Newcastle where people talk Geordie. I already wrote some lines about life in the North East and my connections to it. If you like, you can read it here.
Shortly after Chattabox released his latest mixtape Rick Fury from the same crew released his second mixtape "Full Belt". I finally got it in the mail yesterday and already turned it up Full Belt as you should as well.
If you don't know Rick Fury and his crew yet, check me earlier posts on the Dialect crew and their website.
Im too busy to write a full review right now, just listen to the whole album here if you want.

If you like what you hear, don't hesitate to buy the album here for only five pounds and support the artist!

I leave you with the clip of the song "Run":
One last thing: If you are on facebook, you can become a fan of the crew and Rick Fury. See you later wor kids :)

Update: Also check out this podcast with Rick Fury.

Update: Now you can listen to and buy the album on bandcamp as well.

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