6. Juni 2009

D-Day - Historical event and new DIALECT album

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of D-Day, the landing of the Western Allies in the Normandy on June 6, 1944, I want to recommend the new album by Dialect, a proper Hip Hop crew from the British North East (South Shields, Newcastle). Some may remember my first post on them earlier this year. The new CD is called D.Day - appropriate (not only) for today. Check out the review on certifiedbanger.blogspot.com and if you like the songs and videos available online get the album through their site to support the crew with their honest, personal, real Hip Hop. There are several Dialect myspace pages for the crew and its members like chattabox. Just check the friends section. Personnally, the tracks Conflict and Quicksand blew me mind. They are so intense - you do not need no drugs to feel high! I am from Germany, quite far from South Shields but a friend of mine is a real Geordie. He introduced me to the music and from his biography and the lyrics I think I can feel quite well how life was and must be like on Tyneside. Hopefully I can check it out meself one day and learn a bit of their dialect Geordie. If you want to check it out for yaself go to www.geordie.org.uk for an English to Geordie translator. Whey Aye, Man!

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