20. April 2007

Some pics from New York

Here are now the best pictures I took in NY so far.

My first picture: there's still a train stop called WTC...

My hostel: "Jazz on the Villa"

View from the lobby of my hostel

Social Science Library, Manhattan

Painted ceiling in the Social Science Library, Manhattan

A cute squirrel in a Park

Jazz quartet in Washington Square Park

My friend Cristina from Ohio who came to NY with her brother last Saturday

Where to go? There's only one way - but twice *thinking* ;-)

Me having a great natural juice in my favorite fast food store in Harlem "Frank's Papaya"

Still in "Frank's Papaya"

An "Eternal Flame" in Battery Park lit on 9/11/2002 for the victims of 9/11

My working place in the Social Science Library in Manhattan...ein Schelm wer Boeses dabei denkt ;-)

Jam session in a nice Jazz club in Harlem

View on Manhattan during the night

Children playing on the (blocked) street where my hostel is

Wow, there's even a white boy!

A fallout shelter (!) in Harlem

A nice black star

No, there is an abundance of them :-)

View on the Manhattan Bridge from the balcony of my new friend Vahagn in Brooklyn

A too dark picture of Coney Island where I've been today (4/21)
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