26. Juni 2008

Goodbye George Carlin

I want to join the big community mourning for one of the greatest (read THE greatest - from my point of view) comedian(s) of all time: George Carlin, who died last Saturday of a heart failure at the age of 71. I was litterally shocked when I heard the bad news. I will not write a lot because his work which is speaking for itself says much more than I could. But I still want to express my deepest respect for him, which he earned trough his work and just as being the person he was, although I did not find the time to write about his death (or "passing away" in soft language George criticized) earlier. George Carlin will not die on this blog. I will continue to post information and videos related to him, but this time I will just leave you with some links to recent articles about him. FAREWELL GEORGE!

Remembering George Carlin: comedy with a splash of 'class'
What you can learn from watching 800 minutes of George Carlin
Media: George Carlin Celebrated
George Carlin: A Funny Man in an Unfunny World
Rest In Peace, George Carlin, and Thanks for Disturbing It
The Station That Dared to Defend Carlin’s ‘7 Words’ Looks Back
George Carlin (1937–2008): Legendary Comedian Challenged Status Quo Throughout 50-Year Career
George Carlin The Best There Ever Was
The George Carlin I knew

Für deutschsprachige hier ein Link zum Beitrag von Henning, der auch zwei Clips enthält: George Carlin ist tot.

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