17. Oktober 2008

"Free Market Ideology is Far from Finished"

In my last post (in German) on the crises of Neoliberalism and the persistance of neoliberal ideology I recommended an article of Naomi Klein I read in NOW Magazine. You can find this four week old but still up to date article also on her homepage.
Another interesting speech of Naomi Klein about the financial crises and the possible end of Neoliberalism can be found on Democracy Now!. She says in this speech at the University of Chicago "... what we are seeing with the crash on Wall Street, I believe, should be for Friedmanism what the fall of the Berlin Wall was for authoritarian communism: an indictment of ideology." She is also right to call the politics following neoliberal doctrines "a class war waged by the rich against the poor" adding "and I think that they (the rich) won".

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