8. Dezember 2008

Change We Can Believe In?

I would like to recommend an interesting article by John Horvath on Telepolis: Change We Can Believe In?. I have copied the first and the last paragraph. You can find the whole article here.
Hier mal ein interessanter Telepolis-Artikel auf Englisch: Change We Can Believe In?

Even before Barack Obama takes office, it looks as if America is in for more of the same

One of focal points of Barack Obama's run for the presidency, both during the primaries and the presidential election, is his emphasis on the need for change. By this he meant getting rid of the same old practices in Washington which had led to stale politics in America for over a decade. This not only was a reference to his predecessor George W. Bush and the Republicans, but also his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. He promised a complete break with the past and that he would chart a new course which would deliver peace and prosperity to the US.
Thus, many who voted for Barrack Obama were hoping for concrete change and therefore placed their vote in what they believed would not be a mouthpiece for a business agenda. Yet financial institutions and major corporations, which are Obama's major contributors, also think he's fine which suggests that fundamental change won't be forthcoming. Hence, as his early appointments reveal, those who voted for a change they can believe in may be in for a nasty surprise.

Complete article
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