5. Juni 2009

Obama's speech in Cairo: a new beginning?

For those who have not watched Obama's speech in Cairo yet it is embedded below. Out of the many comments I just want to share the one of Israeli President Shimon Peres who wrote in a guest column in The Times Obama's fervent commitment to changing American foreign policy in the Middle East was a rare opportunity: "The regional leaders have to treat these options seriously - not as another photo-opportunity but in a substantive discussion aimed at opening the door towards comprehensive peace and regional economic development" (quoted in an Ha'aretz article). I chose this opinion because I just gave a presentation on the Economics of a comprehensive peace in the Middle East. If you have an hour to spare and want to form your own opinion, enjoy Obama reaching out - at least rhetorically - to the Muslim world. The actions of his administration will show if his speech will be part of a new beginning.
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