30. November 2009

"Israel is lying to itself about 'united Jerusalem'"

I just recommended the article Israel is lying to itself about 'united Jerusalem' from Haaretz to my followers on Twitter but I would like to share this interesting, honest and clear statement with my blog readers as well. Gideon Levy argues about  the public discourse in Israel with the example of Jerusalem: "The Israeli collective is not only talking to itself (like people talking to themselves been judged as "crazy"), it's deceiving itself completely." He concludes:
Israel of course can continue to talk to itself and lie to itself, to decide that not just Jerusalem but also the Jordan Valley and Golan Heights are Israel's forever. It can decide that its inhabitants are not "settlers" but "residents," as they have always called themselves, and that these are not at all occupied areas. It can decide that "settlement blocs," another Israeli creature, are "at the heart of the national consensus", as they are now being defined without any basis in fact. It can decide that the current route of the separation fence is the real international boundary. We can talk and talk to ourselves, like the crazies who walked around the streets of my childhood, frightening us very much.
If you are interested you can find the full article here.

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