2. April 2010

Denis Rancourt - teaching instead of grading

Denis Rancourt was a physics professor at the University of Ottawa known for his unorthodox views on student grading. He believes that grades interfere with the learning process and reinforce unequal power relationships. His non-hierachical and democratic approach got him fired. Below you will find an interesting interview with him.
For more information and to support Denis Rancourt check these sites:

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Neomatapedien hat gesagt…

As a teacher who's had (in a far less well articulated manner) about the same reflexions, I thank you for this link. More scolarly sources, deepening such an position with empirical backing, would make me even happier, but this is a good start! It also gives me ammo for my ongoing debates with my collegues about grading and pedagogy..
Thanks again Matthias. If you (or anyone else reading this) come across good books/articles about this, let me know!

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