3. Mai 2007

Last photos from New York (mainly Central Park)

So liebe Leute,
nun gibt's endlich die versprochenen Bilder aus New York, nochmal mit englischen Beschreibungen, damit auch die Menschen, die ich unterwegs kennenlernen durfte, etwas davon haben...

Here now the promised photos from New York which were mostly taken in or near Central Park during my last day in the United States of America. Enjoy!

Sculptures in front of the Southern entrance of Central Park

No money left, not even for some water...

And I thought tuk-tuks would just exist in Asia...

Baseball in Central Park

"Please do not feed" or: A very modern zoo ;-)

Prices that are way too expensive for me...

...but not for those guys

Musicians in Central Park

A lot of people in Central Park

Welcome dear spring :-)

A small lake in Central Park

A musician playing saxophone in Central Park

Musicians near Central Park

There were some nice pictures with interesting explanations in the exibition "Europe and the Islamic World" in the Metropolitan Museum

A hall with sculptures in the Metropolitan Museum

Spanish sculptures in a beautifully designed room in the Metropolitan Museum

A musician in front of the Metropolitan Museum

Environmental activism near Central Park I:
it was impressive to see the ice melting away on the sidewalk

Environmental activism near Central Park II

Me in Central Park

Typical buildings in Harlem

Rats are everywhere in the subway of NY

Go it? "Push Bush" ;-) Nice idea, isn't it?

Just a "No Parking" sign?

No, it was being improved to "No G8" fitting well to the upcoming G8 summit in Germany in just a few weeks from now.

That was it concerning the photos. If I find the time, I will add some videos of the really nice musicians I could listen to on my last day in New York...
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