14. März 2009

For justice in the Americas

Speaking of the new administration, let's not forget about its foreign policy. This time I don't want to critique the ongoing war and occupation in Afghanistan but the treatment of the 'backyard' of the USA by showing The War On Democracy, a film by award-winning documentary maker John Pilger. He suggests that, far from bringing democracy to the world as it claims, the US is doing its best to stifle its progress. Talking exclusively to American government officials, including agents who reveal for the first time on film how the CIA ran its war in Latin America in the 80s, Pilger argues that true popular democracy is more likely to be found among the poorest in Latin America, whose movements are often ignored in the West.

And since it is not enough to expose these policies and actions by the US government, the CIA and other bodies I want to recommend NACLA's campaign for justice in the Americas to put pressure on the Obama administration. So maybe the picture on the right will not be so funny and unrealistic pretty soon... ;)

Documentary via Henning.
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