10. November 2008

This Land is Your Land

In these days of widely expected change in the USA I want to share an alternative national anthem with you: "This Land is Your Land" performed by Anti-Flag, The Nightwatchman and BigD.

Compared to Bush and McCain Obama will probably do quite a good job but he will NOT bring real change unless all the people that made his victory possible will constantly put pressure on him in order to put his campaign promises into practice. Otherwise he will give in to his counselors and sponsors from Wallstreet and Big Business. And let's be realistic: Obama definitely is no radical although he "pals around with terrorists" (good one from Palin ;). We will see what the new president will be able to do but let's not forget that real change will not come from above but from below, from us. Why wait for a political leader to better our lives? Let's organize - in the States and everywhere else!
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