2. April 2007


Now that I am already some days in Sydney I will give you an impression about this city by showing some pictures after a few words about my experiences so far.
The day before yesterday I was "on the piss" as we Aussies say ;-) and at last I found a club where good music is played (what I consider as good: Rock, Punk, Emo, besides they had a really nice live band) and where I got to know some nice Aussies. So I finally did not hear neither Madonna nor ABBA once during the whole night!!! Because that is the kind of music you have to expect in almost every club or pub when they don't play hip hop or techno... The only real good thing that is kind of a standard in Australia are the cover bands that play quite nice rock music. But the DJs are kinda shit - or the people who listen to this music - or me because I don't like this "trendy" music - take it as you wish.
I like to walk trough the city since you can go nearly everywhere by foot - so small is the city center! The only time I used busses so far was when I have been to Bondi Beach (for swimming) respectively North Bondi (for enjoying the sunset and the cliffs with the waves breaking agianst them). I was also in the Botanic Garden and the Hyde Park and I have seen quite a bit of Sydney now. But unfortunately I can just show you some photos because I don't find my extra battery for my mobile so that - since I cannot reload the normal battery properly with my data link cable - most of the time the battery is too low to take photos...
But still here are some pics:

My first look at the skyline from a part of the harbour

Wooloolooloo Bay

Part of the skyline behinds palms

Yes: There is a peace mouvement in Australia as well

Hyde Park: Huge War Memorial behind trees

Australian "security solution": Cameras almost everywhere!

Indian market/festival in front of the skyline

The "Hare Krishna Tent" at the Indian market/festival

Tropical Fever Festival with a big variety of music styles from Salsa over Indie Rock to Gypsie...

"c": the first bar I have been to.
The banner with a picture of Che says "ENJOY THE REVOLUTION"

Liquid Buzz with live band at the (carbon neutral!) Agincourt Hotel

Am 6.4. flieg ich nach LA und am 11.4. nach New York und bin am 22.4. gegen 13 Uhr am Frankfurter Flughafen...
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