20. April 2007

From Harlem to Brooklyn because of Armenia...

Meanwhile I have moved from my hostel in Harlem to Brooklyn to spend my last days in New York at the apartment of Vahagn, a new friend from Armenia that I met randomly after the lecture "Warfare and Devotion to the Sacred Ideal" by the psychologist R.A. Koenigsberg dealing with the issue of idealization of sacrificing yourself for "your" country at Columbia University. He was talking to a friend from Egypt about the German movie "Life of others" what attracted my attention. That's why I just asked them about their opinion concerning this movie and after Vahagn saw my Metallica shirt we were already in a conversation that was dealing a lot with activism later on because both of them are really political and active. What I did was going with them to Brooklyn and after a nice walk the "artivist" Vahagn (who is doing creative stuff like painting t-shirts with clever slogans) and me went to his office and we were talking about a bunch of different things and exchanged not only ideas but also pictures etc. Since it was already around 4 a.m. when we left I didn't go back to the hostel but slept at Vahagn's place. And due to the fact that I had just booked my bed at the hostel till the 19th of April we checked out that I can stay for my last days!
But now I will try to get away from the computer to have some fun in New York before I leave tomorrow evening. Time is running too fast...but I am also glad to come back and see my friends and my family and continue my studies and my political activities.
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