7. April 2007


Since yesterday I am in the United States, in Los Angeles, California to be precise.
The first thing I saw here was the picture of George W. Bush at the terminal of the airport!
Shortly afterwards I was asked for my finger prints and it was taken a photo from me for "security reasons" without any information about this procedure although I asked for it - as if everybody coming to the States was a potential terrorist. Now the US administration and whoever has acces to the data can do whatsoever with this personal information!
After that institutionalised violation of civil rights I went to the hostel where I got a bed in a 20 bed dorm and found out that the hostel has a pool, free breakfast, tea and dinner and draft beer for a dollar! Welcome to a country not as expensive as Australia - but to not forget the issue of purchasing power here a lot of people earn shit and are forced to do several jobs to survive!
There is a free shuttle bus to Venice beach that I took yesterday with an Australian and an Argentinian girl who are staying at the same hostel. It was nice at the beach but the water was too cold to swim - at least without neoprene swim wear. But I still bought a new swim short because mine's broken since I was under a Litchfield waterfall...
Tonight (we're nine hours back in time) I'll probably go see George Carlin, my favourite US comedian, if I get a ticket for the show - that'd be so great!
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