17. April 2007

Anarchy (almost) everywhere

Although New York is the city of the Wall Street and a "consumers paradise" it has an alternative culture as well. With this post I want to give you a glimpse of some activities going on here.
After having been to the two panels I have written about (Radical Art+Gender issues) I found an "Un-oppressive non-imperialist bookshop" (citation of the name!) where I bought cheap books from Noam Chomsky and a small volume about a feminist involved in the revolt in Paris in 1871 (La Commune). On the same day I was at an anarchist bookfare with Cristina (from Columbus, Ohio, I know her from my time abroad in Rennes, France) and her brother where i found a big bunch of leaflats and other propaganda stuff, even to flyers mobilizing to the protests against the next EU summit in Hamburg and the G8 summit in Heiligendamm (both in Germany). Actually I just found the Un-oppressive non-imperialist bookshop because of Cristinas brother who saw it first. Yesterday night I was at a discussion about Anarchist Art (in the Financial District ;-)). And last but not least the anarcho-pacifist commune called "The Living Theatre" is back "in the belly of the beast" as they said it. That is to say they start playing on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and in the streets of New York again after having been forced to stop back in 1993. The previews start tomorrow and I will definitly go there!
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