24. April 2007

Back in Marburg: Euer Matthes is widder da!

Now I'm back in my little town - back from my big travel around (some parts of) the world...
Unfortunately, I do not have internet access at home. That is why I write today after having been to the uni for ten hours yesterday! Although I could have travelled a bit longer, I am glad to be back to continue my studies and my political activities here. There will be a discussion this evening about repression against Anti-G8-activists in the "Café am Grün" where I will go after eating pizza paid by the state TV channel (I took part in an experiment, that's why I get it for free, they did not corrupt me ;-)). After the discussion there will be a solidarity party in the "Trauma" against tuition fees. Tomorrow I will probably go to the MAK (Marxist workgroup) for the first time before I will attend the discussion about student protests in 1968 and today given by my former professor and communist Georg Fülberth. Moreover I will try to play football with my hobby team "Die Füße von Hans A." in the "Bunte Liga Marburg". You see: hellalotofthingstodo...

To my international readers: Please tell me if you are interested in some information in English on my blog since I will probably write in German now that I am back in Germany. Make a comment to this post, please!

Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist.
Keep loving, keep fighting!
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