9. April 2007

George Carlin, Mexicans and Hollywood

I actually saw George Carlin yesterday night at the Glove of Anaheim! It was a great show - just as you expect it from this fantastic 69 year old stand up comedian who does this shit for over 45 years now, especially because it was a whole brand new show. So I didn't hear anything I already had heard from him.
After having taken the railway from Anaheim back to downtown LA I had to find another bus stop because the one where I arrived from the hostel wasn't served at night time. When I finally found the bus stop I met two really nice Mexican guys to whom I talked for a long time before I went to Hollywood the next morning. Now I can say that I saw the famous "HOLLYWOOD" letters: wow ;-)
Besides I was at the Musuem of Contemporary Art and bought a book. But I didn't stay there too long because I couldn't take any photos with the low battery of my mobile. That's why but mainly to be able to do my work for university I bought an adapter for European electronic devices so that I can use my laptop in the US. And that's exactly what I will do now by working on my paper about direct democracy in Gemany...
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