14. April 2007

Good Bye LA - Hi New York

Here's a short view back on LA and a few remarks about the first days in New York. I can't upload pics at the moment, so they'll follow later...

A nice thing about the Hostel in LA was the free food in the evening. It was very "healthy": French fries, nachos, rice, croquettes and cake...
I was also at the walk of fame in Hollywood (pics later).
That's enough for LA, let's go to NY.

New York is a great city. In my first two days I was already at two very interesting panels, one that was part of the NYU series "Not for Sale" about radical art and its influence on the society and the other one that was called "Transamerica" about gender, sex, transsexuality, de- and reconstruction of identity and so on. You see: NY seems to be a perfect place for me :-)
I already bought ten books...should avoid bookshops from now on...but I haven't even bought books about politics from e.g. Judith Butler and Noam Chomsky what I absolutely wanted to do...
I met some nice and interesting people at the hostel and in the city.
- One who called himself a "political junky" when I told him that I study politics.
- Two that addressed me because of my "kein mensch ist illegal" t-shirt.
- A peace activist from Oklahoma who asked me where I got my hoody with the wild cat, the symbol of disobedience and resistance used by anarchist trade unions.
Hence, it's really great to be here although I still have to finish the paper about direct democracy in the next days...
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