18. März 2009

El Salvador: Leftist victory and indigenous people

Following my last post on El Salvador I want to share a comment on the victory of the FMLN in El Salvador. Richard Gott stresses in The Guardian that Mauricio Funes's election win means the rights of the country's indigenous people will at last be recognised and defended. The author is also wondering how the Obama administration will approach Latin America: closer relations with the leftist governments of Bolivia, Venezuela, El Salvador and even Cuba might not be impossible.

"El Salvador is the most tragic and oppressed country in the Americas, yet today it wakes up to a new dawn of hope and anticipation, with the election victory of Mauricio Funes, the candidate of a historic leftwing party, the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN). Funes himself is a journalist, a former television presenter and a moderate social democrat, but his party is the heir to the principal radical tradition in the country established over the past 80 years, years of extreme conservatism punctuated by periods of excruciating violence unleashed on the population by the most reactionary landed oligarchy in the Americas. The 500-year struggle in Latin America between indigenous peoples and white settlers from Europe is finally being won, and El Salvador will now take its place beside Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador as a country where the rights of the continent's indigenous peoples are recognised and defended. (...)"

Read the whole article on www.guardian.co.uk
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