17. Juni 2007

Bilder vom G8-Gipfel II

Bilder vom 3. 6., dem zweiten Protesttag gegen den G8-Gipfel in Rostock.

Now the pictures from June 3, the second day of action against the G8 summit in Rostock.

A McDonald's blocked...

by the police or what...?

Poster of a big German Trade Union calling for a just globalization and solidarity with the over six billion people on earth

On Sunday there are still a lot of shops closed with shelves

A small paper saying "My city is open to the world"

"Be nice to each other"

On some wall in Rostock

Centrum besetzt: the center of Rostock is occupied ;-)

"They have to hide behind bars!"

Summit of impudence: GDP Burkina Faso 16,5 million, costs of the G8 summit 110 million euros

Written on the wall: "Smash G8"

Chumbawamba moving against G8

Obrint Pas (which means "To clear the way")
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