21. Juni 2008

Arrogant Worms in Ottawa

I am about to leave Quebec City to pass the weekend in Ottawa. The main reason for this short trip to Canada's capital is the fact that my favourite Canadian comedy band, the Arrogant Worms, will play there on Sunday. I simply cannot miss this concert because I do not know if I will get another chance to see them later this year. You find my past posts about them, including two videos, here.

Those who don't know the band, can watch several clips with their music on youtube, but I will also embed some clips in this post.

First enjoy "Ontario sucks" (don't forget that it's comedy). Although this song is actually sung by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie, it suits my upcoming first time in this province ;-)

Then watch the video with the song "Canada's really big" - because it's the size that counts ;-)

And last but not least watch the clip of the Worms performing "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" with the Edmonton Symphonie Orchestra to see how they actually are.

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