20. April 2008

George Carlin on Euphemisms

For the first time this year I want to present you a clip of George Carlin. It's from the last part of the 1990 HBO Special in which he is talking about language as usual, but about euphemisms in particular. Language always gives you away... example from George: "If crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?"
If you want to see the complete show, you find it streamed here. Fear of aging and death is cut off in the clip, but you find it at 55:50 in the full version on googlevideo.
Since it took me much too long to put on some stuff of probably the greatest stand up comedian of all time, I will try to change that from now on and continue my series about him I started in July 2007. It will be a mix of short clips and HBO Specials (There are 14 of them and so far I just published the one from 2001: Complaints & Grievances).

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