23. Mai 2007

Politischer Stadtrundgang die Zweite

Hier nun der zweite Teil der politischen Bilderserie aus Marburg.
Here is the second part of my "political walking tour" of Marburg.

"LIDL can't be tolerated" (concerning his low prices leading to enormous exploitation both of his employees and of those who produce its products)
[LIDL is a leading German food discounter]

An appeal to the action day against militarism, torture and war during the protests against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany

Warfare for wellfare?

Fight back - Antifascist action

For solidarity and free education

For global social rights - Against G8 power politics

Complaint of unconstitutionality of study fees in Hessen (a State of the Fereal Republic of Germany): "Sign now" - "I already have!"

Each day 19000 children starving worldwide - 20 % of food thrown away in the European Union

Do something good - Stop Nazis

Posters of the "Socialist Left" (a political group at the University of Marburg)

8th of May: Day of Liberation

Nazis out of the minds

Capitalism TM (Trademark)

to be continued...
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